About company

Our company has been operating for more than 10 years and provides services 24/7.
Thousands fo shipments cleared and delivered within this time.
Every day we work to improve our services and expand our capabilities.

We provide following services:

— AIRFREIGHT outbound/inbound customs clearance in Moscow (SVO, DME and VKO), Saint-Petersburg (LED), Vladivostok (VVO).
— RAILFREIGHT and ROADFREIGHT outbound/inbound customs clearance.
— Full range of main and additional airfreight services.
— Delivery all around Russian Federation and World in AIRFREIGHT and COURIER EXPRESS modes.
— EXPRESS deliveries for COURIER shipments.

You can always contact us:

— by mail: info@p-log.ru; manager@p-log.ru
— bywhatsapp: +79852223184
— byTelegram: +79852223184

Our location:

— Russian Federation, Moscow Region, Sheremetyevo International Airport.


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